Sen. Blumenthal Speaks at a Communist Party Event to Promote Communism


Senator Richard Blumenthal attended a Communist Party affiliate’s award ceremony, the Connecticut People’s World Committee, and presented the “Amistad Award” to three activists that the Senator thinks embody the leftist cause.

He was at this event to promote communism.

“I’m here to honor the great tradition of activism and standing up for individual workers,” Blumenthal said in the opening. He pushed the Build Back Better bill and explained how it suited them.The Washington Free Beacon noted that the introduction for Senator Blumenthal was made by Lisa Bergmann of the Communist Party.

Make no mistake, the purpose of this ceremony was to invite people to join the Communist Party.

“If you are not already part of the Communist Party, we invite you to participate and contribute and join,” communist party member Lisa Bergmann said after Blumenthal’s speech. “There’s more and more people talking about socialism in this country as it becomes more and more clear that capitalism is not going to work for our future.”

According to the group, the “Amistad Award” was given to radicals, State Senator Julie Kushner, Pastor Rodney Wade, and Azucena Santiago.

Blumenthal’s wealth is so vast—one estimate puts it at $100 million—that he has sometimes been unaware of all of his investments, including in a real estate development company linked to the Chinese government. Blumenthal said he was unaware of his investment in U.S. Shanghai LLC., which is listed on his annual financial disclosure, until contacted for comment by the Washington Free Beacon earlier this year.

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