Sen Cruz explains the socialist infrastructure bill


The ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill, a socialist vehicle to put all power in DC, is a trap. Somehow, our senators are too stupid to see what is going on. Democrats are making us communists.

We are facing some terrible infrastructure bills. The $1.2 trillion promoted by 18 GOP and 50 Democrats is a disaster.

As Kimberly Strassel writes at the Wall Street Journal:

“The bill is better viewed as step one of President Biden’s Green New Deal, giving his appointees and federal bureaucrats tens of billions with which to remake the economy. The Energy Department gets more than $20 billion to reprise its failed role as a green-energy venture capitalist. The Federal Emergency Management Agency gets $3.5 billion to deal with flooding. There’s new money for the National Park Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Forest Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, you name it.

…unprecedented and centralized control over chunks of the economy.

“The bill similarly gives the feds unprecedented and centralized control over chunks of the economy. Washington will now dictate rules in areas that have traditionally been managed by local authorities (such as drinking water) even as it muscles in on private-sector enterprises like broadband. The bill turns Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg into an electric-vehicle czar, with authority to pinpoint new charging stations down to the mile marker.

Corporate makes out:

“And let’s not forget corporate America. The Washington Post reports the bill has unleashed a “lobbying bonanza,” with more than 2,000 companies and groups engaging Washington officials on infrastructure this year alone. The bill creates a $6 billion handout for nuclear companies, which could benefit such paupers as Exelon and Southern Co. And any C-suite that dreams up a program for this-or-that green technology will be in line for federal cash.

Watch Ted Cruz explain what the bill does:

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