Marxist equity in the classroom, bringing everyone down


Earlier, we reported the story of Nevada’s destructive new grading policy. Students will no longer be required to hand assignments in on time, come into class on time, nor will they have to participate in class. The Superintendent of Clark County Nevada doesn’t want them graded on any of those necessary survival qualities because he wants all the students to surrender to equity.

They want the poor students to feel better by bringing down the successful students.

It’s a recipe for failure — expecting students who achieve to be brought down to the level of the worst behaved students.

This is the Marxist equity pushed into every area of our lives by the Democrats in DC. The members of the House Education and Labor Committee are the most radical communists in the House, and that was done for a reason. They are indoctrinating the children into Marxist ideology.

This is a tragedy.

If I had to bet on America surviving these people, I wouldn’t bet.


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