Sen. Cruz’s Blistering Ad Guts the Idea of Defunding the Police


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz released a searing and accurate video torching far-left activists — Democrats — advocating for police departments to be defunded.

The video is titled, “We Will Defend America Against Violent Anarchists, and it focuses on activists’ efforts tearing down statues of historical figures. It also accuses the rioters of deliberately targeting black communities.

“What the far-Left is doing, they hate America,” Cruz began. “You are not a social justice warrior if you’re lining up, seeking accolades for your support of violent criminals who are deliberately targeting the African American community.”

The video shows members of Congress, including cameos by Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, calling for the “dismantling” of police departments, while also showing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden agreeing that he would take firearms away from people.

Senator Cruz is also planning to introduce legislation allowing lawsuits against local officials who fail to keep Americans safe by pulling back police protection.

Democrats will never support such a bill. Criminals are a Democrat voting bloc.

The terrifying thing is too many Americans want communism and they want to defund the police. A Marist poll, not the best of pollsters, found that 55% of people in New York City want to defund the police. It also found that 60% did not in Upstate and Downstate. Even the latter number is distressing. It should be close to 100%.

This ad is outstanding:

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