Sen Graham thinks Kim Jong Un is dead or incapacitated but NK news says it’s a staycation


South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night that he believes that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is dead or incapacitated. That isn’t what North Korean state news reports. They say he pines for the fjords and is on a staycation.

“Well, it’s a closed society, I don’t know anything directly,” Graham said. “But I’d be shocked if he’s not dead or in some incapacitated state because you don’t let rumors like this go forever or go unanswered in a closed society, which is really a cult, not a country, called North Korea.”


According to the North Korean news, and you can’t take that to the bank, Kim Jong Un is just on a staycation.

If it’s true that he’s on his last hurrah, his sister is expected to succeed him. Kim yo jong is a hardliner who runs propaganda and the concentration camps in the Hermite Kingdom.

Kim yo jong

The youth in this country like her because she’s pretty, but she’s evil.



  1. I have a comment on the sister/chick. I have been studying eyes and faces for decades all over the planet and I have met evil. Repeatedly. Not “criminal or wicked” I mean evil. This chick has same face and eyes as an evil demon right out of hell. Does not mean she is powerful for the evil are often weak and only enabled by others. This is the face of evil. Right there.

  2. I read that he and his sister were schooled in Switzerland. Since Kim Jong-un is about 36 years old, morbidly obese and a heavy smoker, his days will be numbered. His sister is worse than him as far as being evil;)

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