President considers ending White House press conferences


It looks like the President is considering ending updates on coronavirus due to the bad behavior of the dishonest media.

President Trump is questioning holding news conferences “when the lamestream media asks nothing but hostile questions and then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately.”

He continued in a tweet, “They get record ratings and the American people get nothing but fake news. Not worth the time and effort.”

We believe he should hold the conferences and not allow the fake news drones to ask him questions. Keep them short. On Friday, he charged in and out. He should deliver prepared remarks on updates and news of the day. Then Pence should take over the rest of the briefing (including questions). Trump needs to stay away from scientific matters. Let Pence handle this. They did best when he did.

It also might be time to talk about re-opening the country for business more with another team of people. Drs. Fauci and Birx can sit on the sidelines.

The conferences are his opportunity to speak directly to the people, but they were too long.

He also said he was not asking Dr. Birx the question of injecting sunlight into a virus patient. President Trump said he was speaking to his laboratory expert. In any case, Dr. Birx finished the answer. He clearly didn’t ask about ingesting disinfectants.

He noted that he never said the virus was a hoax and he didn’t, but the leftist fact-checker Snopes said it was partly true with a convoluted, deceitful fact check. And the lying Speaker came out and again said he called it a hoax this week.

President Trump reminded Americans that the cure can’t be worse than the problem. Some of us think it already is and we’ve had enough. As the leftist governors insist it could go on for months or even a year or two because it’s an opportunity, businesses are dying. Some will not come back and some large corporations will come back greatly reduced. That’s now. With each week it gets worse.

Let people go back to the beach.

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