Sen. Jeff Flake Was Deceiving the Senate Judiciary All Along


Jeff Flake was never going to vote in favor of Brett Kavanaugh. Even while he was pressuring the Senate Judiciary to kowtow to Ms. Blasey as they tried to get his vote, he knew he wasn’t going to vote for the judge.

CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp says Jeff Flake is the only senator giving the Republicans a hard time on Ms. Blasey and the Kavanaugh vote.

The accuser, for her part, has made it impossible to satisfy her requirements before she will testify.

Ms. Blasey said she must tell her story in front of the Senate in a full hearing as soon as possible. The Judiciary agreed. Then she said she couldn’t possibly make it on any of the available days or in any of the ways offered. They tried to accomodate her.

Democrats pilloried Republicans for not contacting her but they made numerous contacts, at least they tried to.

Then Blasey said she wouldn’t fly on a plane. After that excuse was universally mocked, she said she needed more time. Now she says she will testify but not Monday and she doesn’t know what day or time she will be available. Oh, and those conditions by which she must testify — she won’t accept them.

The Atlantic says it’s all so rushed that she doesn’t have time to figure out what to wear.

Conclusion — Republicans are bullying her!

If the Democrats delay one more week, it won’t be possible to confirm Brett Kavanaugh before the election due to Senate rules.

Flake has insisted he needed to hear her testimony, but as it happens, he was never going to vote for Judge Kavanaugh. He deliberately sabotaged the GOP and plans to vote present on Monday or whenever the vote takes place.

Flake has done all he could to help the Democrats delay the confirmation.

He is a liberal and he hates Trump. We should have seen this coming.


As Blasey plays Republicans for fools, be sure to thank Jeff Flake.

Sen. Orrin Hatch has had enough. He sent out Twitter bombs on the issue earlier today. Some of the tweets follow.

    • Flake needs to be accountable for his actions even after he leaves the Senate. Every Republican should shun the guy and make his life as difficult as possible. People of AZ should reject anything he does or is involved in. He is a backstabbing creep like McCain but without the war hero credentials. I for one wish him nothing but bad luck and total failure in his NEW life.

    • It would seem that it is okay to deny due process to Judge Kavanaugh. Nothing like an unprovable claim with no evidence to hold up a confirmation hearing and potentially ruin a man of honesty and integrity. Jeff Flake is an evil person.

  • I hope to bump into him and just look him in the eyes and tell him what an unmitigated disgrace he was as Senator.

    But no way in Hell that’s going to happen in Arizona, I want nothing to do with the state that harmed this country so badly by sending us such horrid Senators.