Sen. Kelly’s Cringeworthy Comments on Guns and Ukraine’s Border


Far-far-left Sen. Mark Kelly‘s cringeworthy comments on Face the Nation and in Ukraine are about what you would expect. He doesn’t want to address mental illness or gang violence, but he does want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. His comments in Ukraine are equally ridiculous.

Kelly’s wife Gabby Giffords was victimized by a mentally deranged individual whose favorite book was The Communist Manifesto. Gang violence is raging in blue cities. He has his priorities confused.

For someone who doesn’t like guns in the hands of American citizens, it’s odd that he likes pushing war as he spouts the narrative. He claims Ukraine is “resilient and they’re going to win,” immediately after leaked documents out of the Pentagon say they won’t.

Kelly won’t protect our nation’s borders or the borders of his state, but he will protect Ukraine’s borders.

He likes the CCP too. Kelly makes money off them.

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