Sen Paul slams Fauci for playing dumb to continue a “mass vaccination plan”


Senator Rand Paul charged that NIAID director Anthony Fauci is deliberately playing dumb about the benefits of natural immunity to COVID because it would “foil his mass vaccination plan.”  While he supports vaccinations, he also says that demanding everyone needs to be vaccinated is “nonsense.”

“Hey, this guy has an opinion on baseball, hockey, Tinder, and Christmas, but he was asked the other day about natural immunity that you acquire after the disease, he is like, ‘Oh, that is a really interesting thought, I never thought about that. I don’t have an opinion because I haven’t thought about naturally acquired immunity,’” Paul said during a Fox Business News interview, adding, “He has and he is lying to you.”

“The reason he won’t bring up natural immunity is because it foils his plans to get everybody possible vaccinated.”

“He thinks it might slow down vaccination. And I’m for people getting vaccinated particularly people at risk, but the thing is, if you ignore naturally acquired immunity then you’re saying we don’t have enough people, you have to force it on younger people,” the Senator further urged.

“There was a statistic that came out that somebody put together today. If you’re 85, your chances of dying are 10,000 times greater than if you’re 10. Should we treat a 10-year-old the same we treat an 85-year-old? It is nonsense,” Paul reasoned.

Senator Paul on Fauci lying:

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Damnation And A Day
Damnation And A Day
2 years ago

Mass vaccination=Cha-Ching$ for comrade kommissar Fraudci of the CPUSA/CCP collective.
Doesn’t this highest paid bureaucrat RAT have enough filthy lucre?
He must want to get into San Fran Pelosi realm with gourmet ice cream freezers that cost as much as some comrades make in a year.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Money is no object to him and the people he represents…POWER/ABSOLUTE CONTROL is the name of the game!!!