Sen Rand Paul obliterated the CDC’s mask mandate


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) obliterated the new mask mandate recommendations by the CDC on Tucker’s show last night.

“There is no science behind it,” Senator Paul, a licensed physician, explained. “All of the studies that have looked at natural immunity show that natural immunity has at least as good of immunity as you get from a vaccine. People have to realize that vaccines are based on what we learned from natural immunity over the last couple of hundred years, how the body responds to a foreign particle, a virus or a bacteria, and then we simulate that with a vaccine. So, the vaccine is simulating the natural immunity that I have, but Dr. Fauci discounts it.”

“Thirty-five million people officially have had COVID,” Paul continued. “But really conservative estimates even from the CDC indicate another 70 some odd million have had it, so really it is over 100 million Americans have had it, probably 150=160 million have been inoculated with the vaccine. Together we have an enormous amount of success with immunity. In fact, the other day, I saw that over 65 years of age, 90 percent of people have now been inoculated. So, this is extraordinary success, and yet, they say, ‘oh no, we have to inoculate your newborn in the hospital before you can take them home.’ It makes no sense, and the science doesn’t support it.”

People are not dying from the delta variant. It’s more transmissible but less deadly and it’s factual. He also addressed the fact that skepticism is vital in science, but FB and Twitter are pushing us towards a world where there is no skepticism and no debate.

Dr. Paul didn’t mince words when he talked about Dr. Fauci’s stake in propagating misinformation.




  1. We have two major efforts at play here. Communist Democrats want power at all cost to the Nation. Then there are the Money Worshipers. Dr. Fauci and his friends in Big Pharma are making a fortune on somewhat flawed vaccines which were rolled out too early and have many problems. Big Pharma has to make as much money as they can before the FDA is forced to pull them off the market. Big Tech is also heavily invested in the vaccines and are looking to make some windfall profits. There is a third issue involving Dr. Fauci alone. You just can’t get around the fact that Dr. Fauci was financing Weapons of Mass Destruction research on the soil of a adversary of the United States with Taxpayer dollars. This makes him both a Terrorist and a Traitor. We simply can’t allow people in the Bureaucrat Deep State to have this kind of Power. At the very least Dr. Fauci must go to prison. He has the blood of over 4 million people on his hands. Though he is now alone. There are at least 4 Democrat Governors who belong in jail also for decisions that lead to the deaths of tens of thousands. When Politicians and Bureaucrats are above the Law, there really isn’t Law.

  2. At least one member of gov isn’t a completely worthless turd traitor RAT.
    It’s better than nothing.

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