Sen Whitehouse defends membership in all-white private clubs


How do we even have all-white private clubs in the United States and why? We have to ask Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) that question, and a reporter did.

Sheldon says “the people who are running the place are working on that. I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet.” They’ve been working on it since at least 2017 when he was first asked about it.

His wife is one of the “largest shareholders.” Wouldn’t that make her one of the people “running the place?”

When asked if these clubs should continue to exist, he said, “It’s a long tradition on Rhode Island and there are many of them.”

Do you mean to tell me they couldn’t find one minority to recruit for any of them?

I don’t know, but doesn’t this scream systemic racism to you? It’s understandable since it was Democrats who came up with the idea — Jim Crow laws. Now they want systemic racism against whites.


Burgess Owens on Jim Crow:

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