Senate Democrats Launch a New Mindless Assault on SCOTUS


Senate Democrats have launched a new assault on the Supreme Court. This time they are threatening and intimidating longtime constitutional legal scholar Leonard Leo.

“Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats have sent letters to two wealthy businessmen and a major political activist requesting more information about undisclosed gifts to Supreme Court justices,” leftist outlet ProPublica wrote.

George Soros has donated to ProPublica. They are beholden to the far left.

They are on a crusade against Originalist Supreme Court justices.

“The letters, sent Tuesday by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., and Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., the committee chair, seek more details about an undisclosed 2008 luxury fishing vacation Justice Samuel Alito took that was reported last month by ProPublica.

The letters went to hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, mortgage company owner Robin Arkley II, and Leonard Leo, a longtime leader at the Federalist Society.

The “undisclosed gifts” aren’t required to be disclosed and typically involve benign travel with friends. They’re going after Leo because he’s succeeded in getting constitutional judges onto the Supreme Court, reports Katie Pavlich at Townhall.

Dick Durbin worries that Republicans might get more Originalist judges in place as Democrats fill up slots with activist ACLU-types.


Senate appropriators are set to discuss an amendment to withhold $10 million from the Supreme Court until Chief Justice John Roberts a code of ethics in place.

They’re trying to strongarm the Justices.

In an escalation of their intimidation campaign, Senate Democrats are now trying to partially “defund” the Supreme Court. They want their demands met. It’s a bold attempt to bully the justices into imposing ethical rules that the Left will use to subtract justices in key cases.

Democrats realize it won’t go anywhere. It will likely end up in the Judiciary. Democrats won’t let it go. They can’t bear to have a branch of government not in their controlling hands.

Meanwhile, at most, the MSM downplays Justice Sotomayor’s bullying schools into buying her books.

But…but…Clarence Thomas:

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