Senator Cruz savages gun grabbers at gun control hearing


“Every time there’s a shooting we play this ridiculous theater,” Cruz says, bashing the Dem gun control bills. “What they propose … it makes it worse.”

~ Senator Ted Cruz

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday accused Democrats of playing “ridiculous theater” by proposing universal background checks and other reforms following mass shootings. The Texas senator stated the gun laws would take “away guns from law-abiding citizens.”

“What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking guns away from law-abiding citizens because that is their political objective, but what they propose not only does it not reduce crime, it makes it worse,” Mr. Cruz said.

“When you disarm law-abiding citizens, you are more likely to make them victims,” he continued. “If you want to stop these murders, go after the murderers.”

Cruz’s remarks came during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence, that was scheduled ahead of the deadly mass shootings at massage parlors in the Atlanta area last week and at a Boulder, Colo., grocery store Monday evening.

The congressman argued that lawmakers should be working to prevent guns from getting into the hands of criminals instead of targeting firearms.

[And the mentally ill]

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2 years ago

When we start having hanging judges and public hangings again, we will see a real drop in murders. The idea of standing on a gallows and a crowd screaming to see you hanged, so they can watch you pissing and defecating on yourself in public, is a far bigger deterrent than 6 or 7 years with good behavior.

Automobiles still kill far more people than guns, so what is the Liberal preoccupation with guns?

2 years ago

Sen. John Kennedy was talking to the media today about the gun control hearing, and how Dems want more restrictions for guns, his remark is the best……..I don’t believe we have a gun control problem, i believe we have an idiot control problem.