While giggling, Kamala tells us if she plans to visit the border today


Kamala Harris was asked if she intends to visit the border. She then told us exactly when she plans to visit the border — “not today.” It’s apparently a laughing matter for her.

The southern border is a Democrat-made disaster zone with horrible pictures of kids in cages. It’s also the super spreader event of the year. Despite that, Joe called a lid yesterday at 1, and Kamala went to Florida where nobody wants her.


You might be interested to know that Kamala is too good to salute the honor guard as she climbs up on Air Force Two.

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War Of The Worlds Psyop
War Of The Worlds Psyop
2 years ago

Hee, hee, OMG, like totes, giggle, snicker.
Humanitarian crisis? Bwahahah! LMFAO!
America bad, sexist and racist, all of the evil in the world comes from the imperialist capitalist pig white male patriarchy, yes Barack, once more with feeling.
Forward comrade, yes we can, burn it all down better.