Senator grills Tanden on soliciting millions from corporations, Big Tech, UAE


Missouri Senator Josh Hawley pressed Neera Tanden, President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget, over her corporate ties during her confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

Tanden, who heads up the far-left, Soros-tied, Center for American Progress, solicited millions from Wall Street and Silicon Valley during her tenure. Republicans and some Democrats have been very critical.

She agreed with Hawley that Wall Street and Big Tech have too much power.

He then asked her about her ties to both.

“Can you just give us a sense of how, if you’re confirmed as OMB director, you will advocate for working people given this history of soliciting tens of millions of dollars from the biggest and most powerful corporations on the planet?” Hawley asked.

Tanden said that she was “100%” committed to serving the public’s interests, not those of large corporations or powerful individuals.

“No policy or position that I have taken has been determined by the financial interests of any single person,” she said.


Hawley then listed CAP’s donations from some organizations and individuals, including Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation, and others. He asked how she would curb their growing influence given those donations.

“I would say that I and CAP aggressively take on the role of Facebook and tech companies. [CAP has] called for higher taxes on companies, regulations on Wall Street, a financial transaction tax,” Tanden said.

“I’m proud of the record of CAP,” she added, noting that the organization has called for legislation to limit the power of Wall Street and technology companies. She said she’d look to work with Hawley.

All Democrats know are regulations and taxes.

In response to another senator’s question on vaccine distribution, she said, “If I am privileged to serve in this role, I would make the equity concerns a real focus, and the first and foremost step is to understand the data.”  In other words, she won’t support equality, she will do the opposite.

This is your new OMB director.


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