Biden believes in trans rights in sports, but apparently not girls rights


Joe Biden’s spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked today about the executive order mandating biological trans men be allowed to compete with girls in school sports. She said the President believes that trans rights are human rights.

Then what are girls rights?

The fault in her reasoning here is that the girls also have rights and, generally, they cannot win against biological men. Psaki is saying that girls don’t have any rights here.

This will destroy women’s and girl’s sports. The scholarships will go to these men who were mediocre when going up against men.

This is an order that would never get through Congress, which he obviously wants to circumvent. He’s chosen to rule with Obama’s pen and phone.

What girls will take on sports dominated by biological men, who still maintain many physical advantages. Boys have more muscle mass and a larger bone structure than girls. Drugs to reduce testerone do not change physical advantages. Democrats deny biology.


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