Senators Ask for an IRS Probe of Groups Funding College Radicals


A letter initiated by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and other senators, the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP), the AJP Educational Foundation (AJP), the Tides Foundation, the Westchester Peace Action Committee Foundation (WESPAC Foundation), and others to IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel asks him to determine if they are “engaged in conduct warranting revocation of their tax-exempt statuses on the basis of their financial support of NSJP.”  The report comes from Just the News.

Since they are fomenting anti-Americanism and Jewish hate on campuses, that might be an excellent idea. Most Americans don’t want to pay for it.

Ernst adds that Israel has sued AJP and NSJP for being a Hamas propaganda division. She made note of the victims of October 7 and the control these people have over the Students for Justice in Palestine chapters now protesting on campuses.

You have to wonder why it took so long.

Ernst and her colleagues called for an investigation to determine whether the financial support of NJP, AP, Tides Foundation, WESPAC, and others are engaged in conduct warranting their tax-exempt status to be stripped.

Remember when they tried to imprison Republicans for being too political while claiming tax-exempt status?

The groups claim they have a good cause, even as they call for an Intifada and the death of Jews.

It’s good the senators sent the request, but where were they when these radicals were trashing the police, white people, Christians, and conservatives? The progressives are training children.

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