Destroying America with the New IRS


For years, we have read about arming executive agencies as they grow government. Now, we have a new IRS manual that appears to expand their jurisdiction. Their new parameters of authority are so broad that they could mean anything and encompass anyone.

They’ve shifted from collecting taxes to monitoring individuals threatening the U.S. government’s “ability to govern.”

According to independent investigative journalist Ken Klippenstein, the IRS is moving away from looking at the financials of foreign terrorist groups to the broader, vaguer term “national security threat.”

Instead of concentrating on criminals laundering money, foreign terror groups, public corruption, banking improprieties, narcotics, and trafficking, it’s “national security threats” with a broad definition.

The definition: “The national defense or foreign relations of the U.S. and includes, within a Treasury context, U.S. economic vitality, global competitiveness, market sensitivity, and tracking terrorist assets/financial crimes.” That is a wide net since J6ers were called terrorists.

The tax agency is now involved in everything from maintaining the stock market’s safety to critical infrastructure.

They now have a budget for tens of thousands more employees.

When put on a task force, they can now work with all the other agencies and share taxpayer information. Read the details at Mr. Klippenstein’s substack here.

So, what are we to think? They’re armed, have already gone after conservatives and religious people are overwhelmingly run by Democrat unionists. Democrat Progressives who run the government are rushing us into a one-party government. Democrats are taking our Bill of Rights away, and the new tax plan will bankrupt many of us. They lie to us constantly, put a brain-damaged figurehead in charge of the government, and they have bought into globalism and world government.

These same people have abandoned the principles of our constitution. We are no longer equal or free, governed by rules, regulations, and executive orders. The people in charge hate America, and they hate you.

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