‘Sensitivity Readers’ Took Out Offensive Words in Ian Fleming’s Books


Ian Fleming Publications is reissuing Fleming’s James Bond books with racial references and the ‘n’ word removed. We can all live without the ‘n’ word, but they aren’t stripping it out of rap music, are they? This follows extensive changes to Roald Dahl’s children’s books.

Upon the 70th anniversary of the release of Casino Royale, they arranged to have sensitivity readers go through the books. Now they are to be reissued after the cleansing.

Each book will carry the disclaimer, “This book was written at a time when terms and attitudes which might be considered offensive by modern readers were commonplace. A number of updates have been made in this edition, while keeping as close as possible to the original text and the period in which it is set,” The Telegraph said.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – May 06, 2009: Entrance to Casino Royale hotel at central part of Strip in Las Vegas on May 06, 2009.

Protecting the Snowflakes

Many of the changes in the Bond books are around the depiction of black people. In Live and Let Die, Bond’s comment that would-be African criminals in the gold and diamond trades are “pretty law-abiding chaps I should have thought, except when they’ve drunk too much” has been changed to just “pretty law-abiding chaps I should have thought,” says the Telegraph.

Another scene in the book, set during a strip tease at a Harlem nightclub, was originally “Bond could hear the audience panting and grunting like pigs at the trough. He felt his own hands gripping the tablecloth. His mouth was dry.” This has been revised to “Bond could sense the electric tension in the room.” A segment in the book describing accented dialogue as “straight Harlem-Deep South with a lot of New York thrown in,” has been removed.

That last one is ridiculous – “electric tension” sounds WOKE and entirely out of sync with the book.

Fleming Agreed to the Changes

The estate claims Ian Fleming himself agreed. They must have held a séance because changes like “electric tension” are 2023 WOKE.

The company which holds the rights said Fleming approved removing racial references in To Live and Let Die before he died in 1964. That was their guide.

This isn’t reality. Books should reflect the times, but we’re dealing with snowflakes here.

The publication company said the changes are small in number and Casino Royale wasn’t altered at all. One can imagine the pressure from the WOKEs they must have been under to make changes.

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9 months ago

Tell me, what is the Difference between saying “the N-Word” and Nigger outside of being WOKE? We need to stop Liberals from rewriting language. Yes, Nigger is seen as an offensive term, but sometimes it fits, just like White Trash, Cracker, Red Neck, Company Nigger, Stooge, Yes-man, Pushover, Fflunkey, Gip, Paddy, Thug, Polock, etc. which are all used to describe White People with 2 Digit IQs. If we keep allowing everyone to be victims of speech, there won’t be any free speech. What ever happened to, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? In creating Snowflakes we are creating generations who are terrified of change and pushing themselves beyond the limits of their comfort zone. America is a great country because of it’s Loud Month Risk Takers, not it’s Wimps and Wankers. (Yes, I went there!)

I once did some work for a Chinese businessman in Singapore. I asked why they hashed out contracts in English instead of Mandarin. His response was because English has many very specific words and terms that Mandarin doesn’t have and when talking money we don’t want misunderstandings. English is the Language of Business. Why would we want to dumb it down; just because Academics have dumbed down our school system? There’s just too many people with 2 Digit IQs running around with College Degrees because of WOKE Quotas. I really don’t want to find myself flying on a Plane with a WOKE Quota Pilot who has the IQ of a Moron! That’s where we are headed to.