Ukraine War in New More Dangerous Territory


Drones were unleashed well into the Russian interior, putting us in a new, far more dangerous phase of the war. It’s a serious and dangerous escalation.

Drones Near Moscow

Zero Hedge reports that Russia has come under attack by multiple drones on Tuesday. One of those drones reportedly caused a fire at an oil depot in the southern part of the country. Another hit outside Moscow.

The attack on the oil facility happened in Tuapse, which lies about 150 miles southeast of the Crimean peninsula, with Reuters citing local media to report, “Emergency services put out a fire at an oil depot in southern Russia overnight after a drone was spotted flying overhead, the RIA news agency said on Tuesday.” Crucially, Tuapse is about 500 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian-held territory, which exhibits significant reach assuming the UAV was launched by the Ukrainians.

This war is a NATO-World Economic Forum war. Our Constitution doesn’t let Biden act as a dictator in all things, such as leaving our borders open. He’s also not legally allowed to declare war on a foreign nation.

The US and Europe want regime change in Russia. It’s not likely they think Russia can take over Europe when they can’t take over Ukraine. They might somehow believe they can get a new ruler to go along with their new world order.

Russian President Putin has already said that the West has no right to establish a new world order.

Terror Cells

Putin claims that the West is re-igniting terrorist cells within Russia.

“Over the past year, the number of such crimes has increased, which is obviously connected to the attempts of the Kiev regime to employ terrorist methods. We are well aware of that. They have been using them in Donbass for a long time,” he said.

Putin claims the West has “never shied away from using both radicals and extremists in their interests, despite all their loud statements about fighting international terrorism.”

“They always use whatever’s at hand against us. They use everything that’s possible. It was always like this and it remains so,” he said.

It sounds like a color revoution if true.

Blinken Warns China

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned China again of “implications and consequences” should it contribute lethal aid to Russia.  Blinken made the comments in Kazakhstan on Tuesday as part of a tour of Central Asian nations..

So, Blinken is going to do what to China? Start a war?

“We did very clearly warn China about the implications and consequences of going through with providing such support,” he said at a news conference in Astana.

“We will not hesitate, for example, to target Chinese companies or individuals that violate our sanctions, or are otherwise engaged in supporting the Russian war effort,” he warned, adding that he’d discussed the issue “directly” with top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi when they met at the Munich Security Conference earlier this month.

“The US has no right to dictate China-Russia relations, and we will never accept coercion and pressure from the US,” foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told journalists during a briefing on Monday.

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