Separate But Equal! Michigan High School Holds a Sharia-Compliant Prom for Muslim Girls Only


Holding sharia-compliant proms is not what the United States is about. We gave up Jim Crow long ago. The Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), however, are bringing the culture war and Marxist identity politics into every facet of our lives. They promote the opposite of inclusivity under the heading of inclusivity.

Proms are not religious events but one in Michigan is sharia-compliant.

Why are Americans condoning sharia law? Sharia is oppressive; it is oppressive towards women. Americans are not supposed to condone segregation according to gender or anything else.

Hamtramck High School in Detroit is holding a girls only prom to honor Muslim “traditions”. Those girls who cannot go to the prom because of Muslim traditions can attend this one.

Can you see the country losing its traditions as opposed to foreigners giving up theirs if we keep buying into this?

Michigan Live reported that the Princess Prom was “intended to create a safe space for Muslim girls who normally cover up in hijab to let their hair down in an environment with no boys and no cellphones.”

The cellphone ban keeps photos of their hair displayed out of the social media.

In the United States, proms are intended for girls and boys to go out together. This is a distortion of American tradition for PCs sake.

Another separate but equal event. We have separate dorms and commencement exercises for black students, we can’t write “build the wall” in school yearbooks, and we have Muslim-friendly proms.

We also have the absurd concept of a “safe space” designed for the most idiotically feeble of students and extreme Islamists.

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