Serious challenger for RINO Murkowski is 15 points ahead


Kelly Tshibaka

A recent poll found that Alaska Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka is leading republican Senator Lisa Murkowski in a primary challenge. Last week Tshibaka announced she would seek Murkowski’s Senate seat.

Current polling shows Tshibaka is ahead of Murkowski in an all-party primary, beating the incumbent by almost 15 points.

Lisa Murkowski, who is not really a Republican except in name only, voted to convict former President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection during his second impeachment trial. She is part of McConnell’s RINO ‘sell out America’ group.

Only 10 percent of Alaska Republicans surveyed said they approved of the job Murkowski was doing.

Meanwhile, Tshibaka was viewed favorably by 61 percent of both Trump voters and Republicans.

Anything could happen, however. The last time Murkowski had serious competition was from Joe Miller. He won so she ran as a write-in and was re-electeded. She got all her buddies to push her through.



  1. Is it a Dominion zone up there?
    Is she backed by Trump?
    What does Nancy Pelosi and Comrade Schumer have up their sleeves?
    Is Mama Bear Palin OK, there was talk of her having the COV?

  2. Mitch’s gang will put millions into smearing and defeating any challenger. Some of that money will go into setting up RINOs to be candidates and dilute the vote. Mitch is dirty, thinks it is his senate, and he does not support pro-American candidates.

  3. Alaska Better stand up and vote. Not Mitch or anyone can stop America 1st. Forget polls Donate to Kelly directly only and Back Her Voting. Lisa is sucking lemons You need better Representation for Alaska. America Loves Alaska you visit their and come home free (and with salmon). Get Lisa out of office Please Alaska

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