MLB racists moved the $100 million game from a black city to a white city.


In his latest robe rage, Larry Elder discussed the MLB moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta to Denver. As he noted, they moved it from a black city to a white city. [They must be racists]. They cost a black city a hundred million dollars over lies about the Georgia Integrity Voting Act.

Mr. Elder made note of the lies about waiting in line without water and the early voting. The real Jim Crow is Joe Biden whipping out the race card for votes and power.


Others agree:

Miller’s got this right:



  1. That’s…raaciiisstt!
    The glorious people’s republic of Commierado is almost as white as Utah but the Fundamental Transformation is still in progress.
    Why not Milwaukee? The Braves played there (1953-1965) during the career of Hank Aaron.
    The Colorado Rockies are National League and so are the Milwaukee Brewers after the Houston Astros and Milwaukee Brewers changed leagues in the 2000’s.
    Also Milwaukeestan helped with the Big Steal so why not shower a little sugar on the comrades.

  2. What are the odds this was going to happen anyhow? Imagine the uproar if they had made the move without the BS Georgia ID protest. They were provided the perfect cover! Entrenched black city to a dominant white city.

  3. Georgia blacks were disenfranchised by the democrats twice in the last 2 elections by the use of the dominion vote flipping machines with the help of scumbag RHINO’s that certified a rigged election. Now they are getting screwed over by the democrats and their IDOL, China Joe Bobo Head. I honestly don’t think that Georgia blacks voted to stay on the plantation this time.

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