Sesame Street adds a black Muppet to teach neo-Marxist racial justice


The Muppets were of the purple, blue, red, yellow, green race. Now we have a black Muppet who will teach about race. Isn’t that racist to put a black Muppet in with fake purple, blue, and so-on Muppet people?

“Sesame Street” has several other Muppets that reflect people of color, including Tamir and Gabrielle, who are part of the “Power of We” club to celebrate their different identities and learn to become “upstanders” for racial justice, CBS News reports.

The Coming Together initiative “is rooted in extensive research and consultation with experts to develop a groundbreaking Racial Justice educational framework and curriculum for young children,” according to a press release. “Sesame Street,” which is known for its “science-based whole-child model,” will create new content, including its future seasons, that incorporates Racial Justice curriculum.

Racial justice is code for neo-Marxism. Democrats are Marxists dividing us by race. And who will be the racists?

Are we creating baby commies now?

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