Several prominent military officials were involved in the Milley treason


Bob Woodward told George Stephanopoulos that Mark Milley is not at all a traitor. The idea never occurred to him. He said Milley told CIA Director Gina Haspel,  NSA Director Paul Nakasone, and chiefs of the military branches to “watch everything.”

Woodward said Milley told Haspel to “Watch everything 360.”

Milley also ordered an admiral in charge of the Pacific region to “cancel operations that the Chinese might see as provocative.”

None of these people had cause to listen to Mark Milley who wasn’t even in the chain of command.

“Talked to Paul Nakasone, who heads National Security Agency, which does worldwide eavesdropping, and said, ‘needles up,’ which is an expression – ‘listen everywhere,’ Woodward said of Milley. “He talked to the chiefs – the head of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and said, ‘Fulltime, watch everything.’ And then he called the admiral in charge of the region in the Pacific and canceled – asked him to cancel operations that the Chinese might see as provocative.’

Bob Woodward said it’s not treason because he spoke to four different entities. These four entities were involved in the cover-up. This is unbelievable and bizarre incompetence. Did they honestly believe Donald Trump would nuke China?

This is what we have leading the nation?

We should just ignore the fact that there was no basis for any fear. Donald Trump never planned to nuke China. It’s absurd. He’s the first person in a long while who didn’t want to start a war.


Woodward claimed today that Milley used a normal top-secret backchannel to China. They want you to believe it’s perfectly okay and normal to tell the Chinese communists that Trump might blow them up but Milley will tell them before he does it.

Yeah, that’s perfectly normal. It was a perfectly normal cabal.


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