It’s Doocy time and Taliban Barbie refuses to answer a question


This administration is fully opaque and accountable for nothing. It’s embarrassing and disgraceful. We’re humiliated before the world with these people in charge. Today’s press conference was a case in point.

Taliban Barbie refused to tell reporter Peter Doocy why the illegal aliens don’t have to get vaccinated but foreigners visiting do. Her incoherent answer was, “It’s not the same thing. … They’re not intending to stay here for an extended period of time.”

They’re not? What are they coming for then? Maybe a Cowboys Game as this Rep says.

Peter Doocy also asked, “You said last month, ‘our over the horizon capacity can work and has worked in going after ISIS…but you guys didn’t kill people who went after our troops. You killed 10 civilians including 7 children. So, does [Biden] think the over the horizon strikes can work?”

Again, she was incoherent. It was a mistake and we were under threat.

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