Severed Head Aficionado Kathy Griffin Is No Longer Sorry, It’s Trump’s Fault


Kathy Griffin in her natural state

Has-been comic Kathy Griffin is no longer sorry that she posed with a fake Donald Trump head, severed and bloodied, as an ISIS terrorist would do. There is a great deal of doubt that she ever was sorry.

She told interviewers of an Australian show, ‘Sunrise’, “I am no longer sorry. The whole outrage was B.S. The whole thing got so blown out of proportion.”

Griffin continued: “I lost everybody. I had Chelsea Clinton tweeting against me. I had friends, like Debra Messing from ‘Will and Grace,’ tweeting against me.”

She lost her New Year’s Eve gig with Anderson Cooper, her endorsements and her summer comedy tour.

The main reason she is not sorry is because it’s all the fault of the vile Trump supporters.

“These Trump fans are hard-core,” she said. “They’re a minority, but they know how to act like a majority.”

It’s of course not her fault because leftists aren’t responsible for a thing.

The ‘Sunrise’ host asked her if she didn’t think the photo was a bit much and Griffin got nasty. “You’re full of cr*p! Stop this. Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing.”

Here is her little picture:

It was on a video clip as well.

In the video clip below, she plays the victim for the Australian audience because the left can do ‘victim’ better than any group.

Back months ago, when the photo didn’t go over well – even with the left – she held her press conference with Gloria Allred’s evil spawn, lawyer Lisa Bloom. She blamed Trump, who was the actual victim.

His then-ten year old son was reportedly very upset when he saw the severed head on TV, thinking it was real.

She also spent time during the presser blaming “old, white guys”.

The has-been comic claimed Trump “picked” her to mobilize the “old white guys” and all women against her. Trump is destroying her she said.

Trump didn’t do a thing. She did it to him.

Griffin was painted as a hero for Blacks, women and LGBTs by speaking out against Trump. Bloom also used the presser to trash Trump. The media asked some bait questions to encourage more trashing.

She followed up her apology with an attack on the Trumps for bullying her. In fact, they had simply leveled a few criticisms of her via Twitter for doing the photo-shoot.

Tucker Carlson said in June that Griffin encapsulates the left’s hypocrisy and victim mentality. Tucker could say that until the cows come home and it wouldn’t matter. Leftists carry hypocrisy and fake victimization like a badge.

Watch her interview with ‘Sunrise’:

Here she is blaming “old, white guys”:

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Mary Anne Zaccanelli
Mary Anne Zaccanelli
4 years ago

She is ugly inside AND out!!!

Phil Wojtalewicz
Phil Wojtalewicz
4 years ago

This hag’s idea of an “atrocity” is sexism and misogyny? Please, Australia, keep this thing down under.

Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
4 years ago

In for a penny in for a pound comes to mind. When I watched ‘the idiot box’, sometimes I found her humorous. Generally, she soon went way beyond humor. I find many ‘comedians’ today to be so vulgar I cannot watch them and am astounded that, apparently, they are much admired.

As a side not, the entertainment business and the visual side of it and her appearance reminds me what we think we are seeing is mostly fabrications. My gosh, this photo is proof of that.

Oh, Ye, Suckers. (OYS)

4 years ago

And just as bad, Ari Fleischer was on Fox and the FIRST words out his mouth were Trump didn’t give an empathic statement but he hope he will soon. I’m really really sick of ALL these sanctimonious commentators. Needless to say neither the host nor Ari brought up the Katrina failures. They just CANNOT give Trump ONE ounce of credit for ANYTHING.

4 years ago

That is the goto place for true Trump coverage, and has been since the beginning.

The putz Acosta didn’t expect this.