Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Wants to Ban Racist Menthol Cigarettes


Faux-a-hontas Elizabeth Warren wants to ban menthol cigarettes because they are racist. According to her, cigarette companies target blacks and blacks bear the greatest burden of tobacco-related mortality of any ethnic or racial group in the U.S..

Even if there were actual evidence, even if it were true, why does the government have the right to dictate what people are allowed to do, especially since menthols help filter out some of the bad ingredients in the cigarettes?

She sent a letter with this request to the FDA. It was signed by fellow leftists: Ed Markey an anti-gun, climate hysteric; Sheldon Whitehouse who wants to lock up climate doubters; Jack Reed who told Susan Collins on a hot mic she could beat the sh*t out of President Trump; and fake Vietnam hero Richard Blumenthal.

Warren is merely playing politics.

Warren sees all through a prism of racism. In April, while being interviewed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, she was asked about Donald Trump’s electoral success. Warren responded that the people who voted for him are angry and racist.

Basically she thinks half the nation is racist.

You can read about Warren’s long battle with the truth on this link and you can listen to the clueless one here:



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