WaPo fact-checker tries to put down a black man


Glen Kessler tried to put Tim Scott down after the announcement that Senator Scott would give the Republican response to Joe Biden’s first state of the union address. He tried to make Scott look dishonest because he described growing up in the Jim Crow south but his ancestors owned land.

Kessler says that because Scott’s great-great-grandfather owned land and his great grandfather worked on that farm, he had a charmed life and leaves that out of his story.

Who in the world tells their story from the great-great and great grandfather when the father has very little?


Glen Kessler, the fact-checker for the far-far-Left Washington Post, is an heir of Royal Dutch Shell and his father was an executive for Proctor & Gamble. He comes from a very white privileged background. Despite that, he fact-checked a black man who grew up in the south during [Democrat] Jim Crow. His great-great-grandfather was a sharecropper in South Carolina who bought up land, but the relative wealth didn’t follow Scott’s father.

Scott’s great-great-grandfather was able to own farmland after the Civil War, instead of share cropping for white people. 

Scott’s great-grandfather continued the work on that same land and Kessler, on a positive note, points out that Scott’s great-grandfather was literate. Scott’s grandfather was illiterate and forced to drop out of school in third grade. He eventually signed up for World War II.

That was how it was for a lot of black families. The generation right after the Civil War was often able to acquire land and receive an education, which Jim Crow laws began to destroy. Schools in the south declined with segregation and white resistance [mostly the Democrats in the south] to black land acquisition grew and families often had to use probate courts to keep land. It was during the period of Scott’s grandfather’s life that southern whites, through legal and illegal means, sought to roll back the fortunes of black families. That is what happened to Scott’s family.

Scott doesn’t talk about it but why is he put down by Kessler? Because his family owned land once in his ancestry?

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