Sexist Dems Re-elect Loser Schumer-Feminist Pelosi Twists in the Wind


Last week Chuck Schumer was re-elected as the Democrat’s minority leader in the Senate.  He was chosen, by acclamation no less, in a closed door meeting.  Wow!  Chucky’s had a pretty rough time over the last three years. Talk about rewarding screw ups.  

Three years!?  Yup. Schumer’s flameout began in the last year of Obama’s second term, when he failed to get his president’s Supreme Court pick through the Senate.  Barack had chosen left leaning Merrick Garland to replace Constitutional Conservative Antonin Scalia.  It was a move designed to create a dramatic leftward lurch in the court’s ideological make-up.  But Chuck, damaged badly by videos reminding one in all of his own strident calls to deny President Bush any nominee during the final year of his presidency, failed miserably.  

Under President Trump, Schumer’s woes only worsened.  Outfoxed by a suddenly, shockingly invigorated Mitch McConnell, the minority leader witnessed a record number of conservative judges being approved for the federal bench, including a pair to the Supreme Court.  

Chuck couldn’t even keep pliant Dem Joe Manchin in the fold, while behind the scenes, Schumer’s over-reaching, awful mis-management of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings careened so far out of control they begot a completely unhinged Michael Avenatti. The “Creepy Porn Lawyer” literally creeped out undecided Senator Susan Collins so much, she made an eloquent speech in support of Judge Kavanaugh.  

Sen. Collins was in good company as Avenatti proved to be the final straw for many disgusted Americans.  Worse still for his party was, the Schumer-led Democrat confirmation debacle energized both GOP voters and their Senate candidates, leading to Republicans gaining seats in the “Upper Chamber”.  

Now contrast the above cited Chuck Schumer foulups with Nancy Pelosi’s record in the House of Representatives.  She, like Schumer, served as her party’s minority leader under both Obama and now Trump.  But while Nancy’s prone to some God-awful rhetorical gaffes and a seemingly increasingly faltering, somewhat disturbing speech pattern she, for better or worse, kept her partisans in line, giving no ground to Trump on any issue.  

And, more importantly, Pelosi’s chamber picked up enough seats for Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives.  Granted there were well over 40 Republicans who chose not to run again, and her margins don’t come close to gains made by the GOP during Obama’s mid-term elections, but her side won.  

What’s been Nancy Pelosi’s reward?  A number of Democrats promising they will not vote to make her Speaker of the House!  Their vows have come in the form a letter signed by 17 Dems, along with definitive public statements made by others leaving  Nancy’s “Nay” count up to at least 20.  

That “Dear Colleague” letter states in part, “we believe more strongly that more than ever that the time has come for new leadership in our Caucus.”  

So, while a bumbling, stumbling Charles Schumer gets his old Senate job back via an “enthusiastic….public expression of approval (acclamation), his more successful glass-breaking, feminist counterpart is left canvassing hard for votes in the House.  

There’s only one explanation for this.  D.C. sexism is apparently alive and well, in of all places, the Democrat Party! 

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