Illinois voters who requested absentee ballots now showing up in person


Read an update from a reader below.

According to the Washington Examiner, some Illinois voters are voting early and they already received mail-in ballots.

The Illinois State Board of Elections says it is causing “unnecessary paperwork for voters and election judges and creates delays at early voting locations.”

“A voter who requests and receives a vote-by-mail ballot but subsequently decides to vote in person must surrender the mail ballot at the polling place to receive an in-person ballot,” an ISBE bulletin said.

“While Illinois election authorities began mailing vote-by-mail ballots on Sept. 24 to voters who had requested them, many of those voters also showed up to vote in person when early voting began on Sept. 24,” ISBE spokesperson Matt Dietrich said.

They’re “asking that voters who have already applied for a mail ballot allow sufficient time for the ballot to arrive.”

“The Election Code allows a voter who applied for but did not receive a vote-by-mail ballot to sign an affidavit and vote in person,” Dietrich said. “This is intended for situations in which the late delivery imperils the individual’s ability to cast a vote, such as a ballot that hasn’t arrived on or near Election Day.”

As of Friday afternoon, there were 1.9 million voters statewide that have requested vote-by-mail ballots.

So, if they don’t surrender the ballot, will someone go after them for their Class 3 felony?

What kinds of checks could they have on this? If you’ve been involved in the polls, you know there are loose checks and little time to do it. They’re not set up for massive absentee ballots.

This is causing abject chaos, which is the Democrat plan. They’re a disgrace.

This is why we need ACB on the court. Lindsey Graham is taking his sweet time. He’s dragging the committee’s business out until October 22nd. I don’t trust that man.

We’re going to have millions of these questionable ballots floating around for months and the Supreme Court will pick the next president.


It seems everyone in the state probably received the ballots. Did everyone who requested one, get yet another? This actually makes things much worse.


”We never requested the absentee ballots, they sent the request for them to everyone when we did not ask for them.
I received one and ten days later I got a letter from the state asking me to send the request in.
I have always planned to go to the poles (sic) in person. Dittos for my friends, we never requested the application for absentee but we all got them.

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