Biden Administration Is Clearly Lying About Omicron


Schools in New York are talking about lockdowns and teachers’ unions are calling for masks and lockdowns in a number of blue cities. Fauci is terrorizing people and so is the media over a very mild variant that might even signal the end of this pandemic. Americans are being warned to only share Christmas with the vaccinated although vaccinated people are spreading the illness.

The only reason to do this is to control the populace. It’s not because they care.

Currently, the hospitalization rate for Omicron is less than 2 percent, according to reports. The South African Health Minister has declared that only 1.7 percent of COVID-19 cases were being admitted to the hospital during the second week of the 4th wave. By comparison, it was 19% in the same week of the third wave of the delta variant.

The mainstream media and the Biden administration are lying about Omicron. They’re going on about lockdowns and mask mandates, vaccine mandates, restricted travel, et cetera. The Left is spreading misinformation to create fear about hospitalizations and people ending up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Biden plans to give stark warnings and come out with more plans on Tuesday even though nothing they’ve done has worked.

The grocery market chain, Kroger, has allegedly announced they will end paid sick leave for unvaxxed employees. Yet, vaccinated people are spreading the virus.

South Africa is saying that hospitalizations for Omicron are lower than 40 percent of what the country experienced in prior COVID waves.

Americans have lost their jobs over this and if the mandate for Private entities is allowed to continue, many more will be out of work as Biden destroys the energy sector and adds to the supply chain problems.

We have to just start saying, ‘no.’

Correction: Kroger’s is ending paid sick leave for employees

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