Shani Louk Is Alive in a Hospital in Gaza?


Shani Louk is reportedly alive and in a Gaza hospital, critically injured with a head injury. Her boyfriend is missing. Her mother, Ricarda Louk, believes Shani is alive in a Gaza hospital, based on information from an undisclosed “reliable source” she spoke with.

“I cannot reveal where the information came from,” the mother said, adding that this lead reached her through trusted acquaintances.

However, someone could be scamming the mother. According to BILD, someone did try to use Shani’s credit card. We pray that’s not the case.

Shani Louk was last seen at a peace festival party in the northern Negev, where Hamas militants stormed in and killed at least 260 attendees.

Initial reports suggested that Louk had been raped and killed, and her body paraded as a gruesome trophy by the terrorists as they were filmed chanting “Allahu Akbar!” (God is good) as they drove down the streets of Gaza.

BILD reported:

During the terrorist attack, tattoo artist Shani called the family with her mobile phone from the festival grounds. Her mother, Ricarda Louk, spoke to her and asked her: “Do you have a bunker nearby?” Shots were fired. Her daughter seemed confused and promised to look for shelter. After that, the contact was broken off.

As the family was later able to reconstruct, Shani Louk ran to the parking lot with “her great love” and four other friends; they wanted to escape in two cars. Wilfried Gehr, who is in a relationship with Shani’s Aunt Orly, says: “The young people have lost sight of each other. The friends then hid in the bushes. They have now reappeared safely, but Shani and her boyfriend have since disappeared.”

The family has not heard anything from the German Foreign Ministry. Winfried Gehr says: “We do not get any information from the authorities here. Peace activists have told us that Shani will now only get help if the German authorities officially intervene. None of this has arrived in Gaza so far.”

In response to BILD’s request, the Federal Foreign Office replied that the German authorities were aware of the case and that they were in contact with Israeli colleagues.

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