Sharing Warren’s American Indian Registration Is Instagram Hate Speech


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, banned a leading GOP spokeswoman’s access from the social media site after she posted a photo of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s registration form for the Texas Bar in which the senator identified as a Native American.

The Washington Post tweeted it first.

This is the form:

Instagram shut down Kayleigh McEnany’s access to the platform for posting the photo.

Republicans and Conservatives have to worry about everything they say on social media. Leftists can threaten to kill people or spread racist comments and that’s okay.


On Twitter, if you simply tweet, “learn to code,” even if you’re not mocking journalists, you get warned or banned.

The Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller was told to delete a tweet saying, “learn to code.”

The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Ingersoll was locked out of his Twitter account Tuesday night after tweeting “learn to code” at The Daily Show.

The Daily Show’s Twitter account made a video game-related joke about President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, teasing that the president unlocked the “asymmetrical background” achievement by getting Vice President Mike Pence to stand but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to remain seated.

“Learn to code,” Ingersoll replied as a joke.

He wasn’t mocking reporters who lost their jobs which is how it became a problem in the first place. Of course, reporters used the phrase first to mock miners who were put out of work.

If you merely say the words, ‘learn to code’, you are a hater according to Twitter.


    • That is what happens when the “rabble” – twitter, facebook et al – are confronted by superior beings…in every respect…their inferiority complex rises to the fore !!!