Sharpton’s sorry the LA sheriffs were shot but police should stop killing blacks wrongfully


After two police officers received life-altering injuries following an attempted assassination by a criminal still-at-large, a crew of Black Lives Matter agitators tried to break into the hospital where the cops were undergoing surgery. They screamed out chants such as, “We hope you f—ing die,” and “y’all gonna die one by one.”

BLM and antifa have driven extreme hate on the streets.

This morning, MSNBC fake news brought former President Obama’s favorite race-baiter, the “Reverend” Al Sharpton onto their show as a guest to help with damage control on behalf of BLM.

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough began by asking Al Sharpton what his message to the “25 million peaceful protesters” about the remarks by “those people, who were chanting “they hope that they died?”

What a joke. All those so-called peaceful protests culminate in violence, which is the goal. These are communists and anarchists who plan to overthrow the U.S. government.

Al Sharpton, the guy who openly called for killing cops in 1992, told Scarborough that the message of the BLM agitators is, “We are not anti-police, and we are certainly not for killing or shooting police.”

Then he lied about the police

He made BLM the victims, “We are there saying police should not be wrongfully shooting or killing civilians, particularly in the black community. And for people to try to associate us with murder and ambushing and death, is doing more to hurt the cause.”

Sharpton then tried to say the shooter might have been part of a set up to make BLM look bad, saying: “Some I suspect, in my own way of thinking, could be planted in order to hurt us because they are so extreme from our position.”


Sharpton wants to “off the pigs.” We don’t believe he has changed since 1992:



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