Sharyl Attkisson Discusses FBI/DoJ Corruption, Media Bias


Sharyl Attkisson has been involved in a lawsuit with the DoJ over their illicit intrusion into her computer files while she was an investigative reporter for CBS News. The DoJ promises to drive her into bankruptcy before they give her any information.

Investigative reporter Attkisson wrote a book called Smear which probes the horrendous practices used by the media to destroy those they perceive as opponents.

On ‘Hannity’ last night, she discussed the media bias which has kept the FBI/DoJ corruption from the public.

Mrs. Attkisson believes the vitriolic reaction to President Trump is largely driven by their fear that he would peel the layers from the onion, exposing the allegedly illicit uses of surveillance.

Superb Example of Media Bias

A good example of our corrupt media can be seen in the way New York newspapers are covering the DoJ/FBI corruption.

Look at the Newsday article below which was published on February 8th. This is how a premier New York newspaper covers the corruption in the FBI/DoJ, the Nunes memo, the Senate criminal referral of ex-spy Christopher Steele, and the testimony of the FBI informant who says he has evidence Hillary and Bill Clinton were involved in the Russia bribery case. The paper didn’t even cover the text messages properly. They ignored it all Instead, they published an article about Agents Strzok and Page texting praise for Jim Comey.

This is New York media.

People in New York who rely on the newspapers have no clue of what is going on. It’s going on throughout the country.

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