Shelves Going Bare Mere Days After US-Canada Trucker Vax Mandate


The forced vaccinations of Canadian and US truckers appear to be having an effect on the supply chain already, not that Brandon or Justin will care.

Just days after new rules came into effect that require American truckers to be fully vaccinated to cross into Canada, grocers said some produce shelves were bare and the cost of hauling everything from tomatoes to lettuce from the southern U.S. has jumped 25%, Bloomberg reports

America’s northern neighbor relies on imports of fresh fruit and vegetables from its biggest trading partner in winter. The vaccine mandate is poised to add further strain to a supply chain struggling with labor shortages and weather disruptions, says Bloomberg.

Only about half of U.S. truckers are vaccinated, according to estimates from the American Trucking Association. This weekend, the U.S. will bring in its own rules requiring foreign travelers, including truckers, to be vaccinated. Industry groups estimate this will still take as many as 16,000 drivers off the road at a time when demand for hauling is high. For some companies, it’s almost all of their drivers.

About $45 billion worth of goods cross the border every month, and Canada is the top export market for 32 U.S. states, according to the Department of Commerce. Most of the trade is via trucks.

Supply chain experts are urging governments to rethink such strategies amid the current wave of omicron infections.

Truckers are stuck at the border with pigs and feed and all the things grocers need.

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