WHOA! Biden DoJ Drops Charges Against CCP Fraud Gang Chen


Gang Chen, a nanotechnologist who headed the mechanical engineering department at the prestigious Boston University, had been charged with wire fraud, failure to report a foreign bank account, and making a false statement, Insider Paper reports.

The US Justice Department dismissed criminal charges on Thursday against the Chinese-born professor, who works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He’s an economic spy who failed to disclose his ties with China.

US Attorney Rachael Rollins said the charges against Chen were being dropped as a “result of our continued investigation” into the matter.

“After a careful assessment of this new information in the context of all the evidence, our office has concluded that we can no longer meet our burden of proof at trial,” Rollins said in a statement.

“Today’s dismissal is a result of that process and is in the interests of justice.”

What BS.

The investigation has come under fire for targeting academics of Chinese heritage and a number of other cases have also been dismissed. However, those are the people spying and the US is basically capitulating to the fake racism cover-up.

Charles Lieber, a Harvard University chemistry professor, was convicted last month of lying to US authorities about his links with a Chinese school and recruitment program.

The US is now owned by the Chinese communists.

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