Sheriff Israel Concentrates on What He Sees As Important — It’s Not Good

Sheriff Israel doesn’t seem concerned about the massacre at Stoneman High. Recently, one of his deputies was caught snoozing on the grounds instead of patrolling. What Israel is concerned about is apparently what matters in Broward — politics.

An actual reporter, one who tries to report facts, named Bob Norman, of Local 10 News in Broward County, attempted to get Broward Sheriff Scott Israel to answer questions.

Norman also tracked him later to a Democrat fundraiser. Israel knows what the people really care about.

Israel is the failed head of the sheriffs who wouldn’t attempt to rescue the children and staff who were shot to death in Parkland. One coward hid and who knows what went on with the other three.

The sheriff said he wasn’t responsible for it and praised himself for doing an “amazing job.”

After Norman tracked him down, Israel told him he was disappointed with Norman’s “constant reporting” and “misrepresentations”.  Norman asked him what misrepresentations, but Israel couldn’t come up with any.

When Israel went to the fundraiser later, he reportedly blamed Republicans for the criticism he is getting.

It’s not his fault. Nothing is his fault.

He taunted the reporter, saying, “You seem to be getting angry”. The reporter wasn’t, he was just trying to get him to answer questions.

If Governor Scott gets him removed, Israel said he will run again in 2020.

In an earlier report, Norman spoke to the head of the Broward police union who told him morale within the office was so low the union was considering a no-confidence vote against Sheriff Israel.




    • Criminal negligence/manslaughter charges would send a shock wave across the country to law enforcement. If nothing is done law enforcement will see it as permission to not protect the public.

  1. We still are waiting for Pam Bondi to follow up on her action to investigate this. By now the public already knows what happened – officers were told to not intervene, violating training and policy. This is criminal negligence and when deaths are involved it can be more.

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