Kyle Kashuv Responds Perfectly to Hogg’s Assault on Laura Ingraham


As we have all heard, David Hogg will not accept Laura Ingraham’s apology and continues to try and destroy her livelihood, but one person had the best response of all. Kyle Kashuv, another student survivor, asked him the one question that should shut down his main line of attack.

Hogg has unleashed some of the most vicious attacks on innocent people that we have seen from the left. When he is called on it, he condemns the person he’s targeting for picking on a kid — a victim. He accused Ms. Ingraham of “mudslinging at children.”

Mr. Kashuv the young man who is actually trying to do something that will help stop mass shootings in school. For instance, he’s developing an app for troubled kids to use to get help. He also bests Hogg consistently on Twitter and has challenged Hogg to a debate. Hogg won’t do that.

Mr. Kashuv came up with a great answer to Hogg’s accusation:

How long are people going to say this young Mr. Hogg can say anything he wants without anyone responding?

Is Hogg just a child who shouldn’t be setting policy or does he want us to take him seriously, as an adult?

This is a little off the topic but we keep hearing that this is a kid’s march but only 10% were under 18 years of age. Marchers were mostly middle-aged. It must be noted that 89% voted for Hillary Clinton. No bias here. It puts the lie to the tweet Hogg has pinned to the top of his page saying we mustn’t make this about Republicans or Democrats.

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