Shocking Corruption Becomes Clear in This Tucker Interview


Lawfare is destroying the rule of law and Soros DAs control prosecution in Texas. Republicans are working with Democrats, and there is an insidious side to illegal immigration. This all becomes alarmingly clear in this interview.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sat down with Tucker Carlson in one of the most enlightening interviews with a US Republican politician.  Revelations included the corruption in the parties that work as a Uniparty.

Very few probably know that despite having 85 Republicans in the Texas House, the 65 Democrats get to pick the Republican Speaker. They throw their votes to the one they want, and the Speaker only has to come up with ten votes. Democrats choose the person who gives them the most of what they want.

Despite having the majority, Republicans will let the Democrats win the Speakership. In the latest race, it was Dade Phelan.

There were five members of the House, three Republicans who investigated Mr. Paxton, and “they hired, I think it was four lawyers, two of them came from the Biden DOJ. That’s not an accident. They were sent there,” Paxton said.

Mr. Paxton sued the Biden administration 48 times.

“We were causing a lot of trouble for the Biden administration, even when, if we didn’t win, we slowed him down, and we were winning…I think…77% of our cases. So we are a huge problem for the administration, and that was the way to get me out of the way…”

He thinks that’s where the effort to remove him began, along with other groups in Texas, including Karl Rove.

He didn’t even know they were meeting to impeach him.

“I literally had no idea it was a committee meeting of the House investigating me. The committee [met], I think three or four days before Memorial weekend, the end of session, so they’re busy trying to pass all these big bills …”  It was timed this way.

He was taken out of his position without pay. He had spent his campaign money on his race against a Bush family member. Paxton didn’t have money for a lawyer, and  there was a gag order. Anyone could attack him, but he couldn’t defend himself. A friend tried to get an article in the Wall Street Journal, and they rejected it while accepting antagonistic articles against Paxton.

Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR), a lawfare group, gives more money to Republicans, and every Republican who voted against him got money from TLR.

Tucker and Paxton discussed the open borders. A lot of Republicans see it as good for business. These illegal aliens are destroying the country, and the border towns are devastated.

They discussed the useless Republican Sen. Cornyn, who is funded by Mitch McConnell, and how much damage has come from that.

The goal is to make Texas blue, and then it will be all over. That’s why they need to solve the civil war in the Texas party that Dade Phelan, Karl Rove, and Soros started.

Soros controls local DAs, and they won’t allow investigations of voter fraud.

The Court of Criminal Appeals changed the rules so they can’t prosecute election fraud. He was very busy with election fraud, but now he can’t do anything.

There’s a lot more. Watch:

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