Shocking details of the $3.5T bill that makes us a permanent socialist nation


Stephen Miller joined Larry Kudlow on his Fox Business show to discuss the terrible danger lurking inside the $3.5 Trillion Dollar “Reconciliation Bill.” This bill aims to transform America into a permanent “Big Government State” with forced “Equity Mandates.”

Marxist equity is equal misery for all.

All of the funding has permanent equity to be written in federal regulations –  it’s mandated Critical Race Theory in every aspect of our lives. For example, nurses will be mandated to be trained in racial bias – CRT.

The corporate tax rate will be higher than communist China’s. They will get a tax break if they move their company to China and punished if they move to the US. It’s ‘economic suicide’, Miller says.

The support for work is not part of this bill. It’s welfare without job incentives. The bill makes us a permanent welfare state.

They also discussed the DoJ weaponizing the department of justice by targeting parents who want to get the racism out of the schools.

To win, parents will have to engage and they have to be as relentless as the Left, Miller says.

This is so shocking. It will destroy the USA fundamentally, forever. It is a forever big government bill.

We have to kill the bill or America will not be America. The bill is riddled with Woke CRT.


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Long Haul Mad Max
Long Haul Mad Max
2 years ago

What the CCP wants the CCP gets.
Comrade kommissar Big Guy won’t get his 10% if it is all wiped out in egalitarian misery with equality of results for all.