Joe Biden from his movie set said his abysmal jobs report was PROGRESS


The jobs report is another disaster for Joe Biden with 194,000 jobs created. Economists expected over 500,000. There have been calls to fundamentally change America and that is what is happening. As a nation, we were always hard workers, but now people don’t want to work. They learned how to enjoy doing nothing thanks to forced mandates, lockdowns, and government handouts. [Watch the clip below of Biden calling it progress]

The left is blaming COVID, of course, but there really is no reason not to work. People boast that the unemployment rate ticked down again and it’s low at 4.8%. However, it’s unfortunately because people aren’t looking for work.

Worst jobs report from the worst president. He actually gave his speech from another movie set. It’s not a Ned Devine or El Cid situation — yet. It seems they need an ENORMOUS TELEPROMPTER and it won’t fit in the Oval Office.

Watch as he turns his back on Americans wanting answers. Don’t worry, he claims he made a lot of progress:

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