Shocking Development! Border Patrol Union Endorses the Border Bill


Shockingly, the Border Patrol union supports and endorses the border bill, but only the border portion. That is very shocking, given how bad the bill is.

Even though the union president supports Donald Trump, he’s supporting this bill. He said it’s not perfect, but it would deliver some help. In other words, it’s better than what’s going on. That’s certainly up for debate.

The bill allows at least 5000 illegal aliens a day, and it’s up to Joe Biden to decide if he’s going to close the border or not.

Democrats are very clever. If Republicans don’t go for this monstrosity, Democrats will say they don’t want to close the border. If they go for it, they will disenfranchise many, if not most, of their voters.

Asylum is the road to citizenship and the power to vote. This bill allows Secretary Mayorkas to have his final say on asylum claims. Can you think of a worse person who would have that power? Nothing in this bill closes the border. In fact, it increases illegal immigration.

Bill Melugin said the Border Patrol Union supports it because not all the members agree with his comment, and they are desperate for some relief.

They think that getting more agents will restore the Border Patrol to some sort of order, but that would require a leap of faith, given what’s been going on.

According to the NBPC, about 60% of border apprehensions are single adults, and many are military-age men. We also have an increase in Chinese and Middle Eastern men. The Border Patrol thinks this will abate under this bill.

Basically, they’re saying a bad bill is better than no bill. That certainly would be in line with what the Democrats were hoping. However, the damage from this bill is too great to list, but it generally makes illegal immigration part of our immigration law.

Speaker Johnson said he’d hold the line and not approve it. Let’s hope that continues.

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18 days ago

Wonder how much this union boss was offered?

18 days ago

You better teach your young children to speak Spanish, figure out how Pesos work, get use to eating Mexican and South American food and brush up on the lingo because your kids will be living in the coming third world.