Shocking Findings of Pfizer Documents Include Baby Die-Offs – Update


Update: According to Reuters,  the document, which is looking into adverse reports between Dec. 2020 and Feb. 28, 2021 is part of Pfizer-BioNTech’s Biologics License Application to the FDA. It does not provide evidence that all pregnant women who received the shot in the reported period lost their babies.

Jesse Kelly spoke with Dr. Naomi Wolf on his show about the 55,000 documents that Pfizer dropped recently, and that were ignored by the media. Highly-credentialed experts volunteered to go through them and what they are finding is shocking and criminal.


Pfizer has experimented with the human race and there were deadly consequences. They knew of all the adverse effects.

They knew a month after the rollout that the vaccine had waning efficacy or vaccine failure. The public didn’t know until a year later. People got vaccinated or lost their jobs based on lies.

The public also wasn’t told that the nanoparticles and spike proteins don’t stay in the Deltoid. Pfizer knew it goes right into the bloodstream and enters adrenal glands, liver, lymph nodes, ovaries, and so on. Pfizer knew that.

The pharmaceutical giant also lost thousands of records of adverse events.

Pfizer knew four months after the vaccine rollout, there were 42,000 adverse events, and 1200 people who died. They also knew 4 people died the day of the vaccination.

By May 2021, they knew 35 teens had heart damage and the FDA knew and didn’t tell us. They didn’t tell parents of the problem for four months even though teens have little or no risk from COVID. So, parents didn’t have informed consent.

The amount of Moderna was too high and too dangerous but the firm didn’t tell anyone.


Then we get to child birth and lactation. Women were told it was safe and effective WITH NO STUDIES to show it was true. It was based on a study of 44 French rats that lasted for 42 days. There wasn’t even enough time to see if the babies were ok. Then they approved it for pregnant women.

The reason why could be that the doctors doing these studies were stockholders.

Babies are now getting sick and dying from vaccinated mothers. There are lots of missing records.

Of 35 pregnant women, 28 lost their babies. There is a baby die-off occurring right now. It gets worse, watch Dr. Wolf below. There is a lot more evidence.

Ironically, at the end, Twitter is marking Dr. Wolf as misleading and when you read the link, their only comments are that the “vaccines are safe for most people”.


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