Shocking racism taught in Buffalo schools to kindergartners-12th


All-out racism is now allowed in United States public schools as long as it is against the new target of hate – white people. It is a Democrat-led ideology — mostly white Democrat ideology — but it’s allowed to continue thanks to the silence of Republicans and not just that of political leaders.


This horror of racist hate is now taught in Buffalo Schools. They claim “all white people” perpetuate systemic racism. School officials force kindergarteners to watch videos of dead black children to warn them about “racist police and state-sanctioned violence.”

The dead black children include children accidentally killed including a child killed during a police raid, and one killed by a Hispanic man. Trayvon Martin was not killed by an officer and he was 17, but the program shows Trayvon at about age 12.

Fatima Morrell is associate superintendent for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives at Buffalo public schools in New York. She introduced the new curriculum, lesson plans, and teacher training.

The teachers are encouraged to be more “woke” in their efforts at ‘antiracism,’ which is actually a blatantly anti-white racist curriculum. Morrell suggests teaching kindergarten classes about children killed by police. Morrell wants to perpetuate the lie that police are running around gunning down black children. Older pupils learn “all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism.”

A whistleblower told City Journal about the new lesson plans.

Tax dollars are funding hate and Ms. Morrell has no business running a school.


The story begins with the district’s diversity czar, Fatima Morell, who developed a new antiracism curriculum and told teachers they must become “woke” and achieve “critical consciousness,” a Marxist pedagogical concept training students to identify and subvert their oppressors.


In a presentation to teachers, Morell claimed that America “is built on racism” and that “America’s sickness” leads some whites to believe that black people are “not human,” which makes it “easier to shoot [them] in the back seven times if you feel like it.”

Last year, Fox News reported on the district’s mandatory Black Lives Matter curriculum, which required schools to commit to “dismantling cisgender privilege,” creating “queer-affirming network[s],” and accelerating “the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.”

The individual lessons, which I (Chris Rufo) have obtained, are even more divisive. In kindergarten, teachers require students to watch a video that dramatizes dead black children warning them about the dangers of being killed by “racist police and state-sanctioned violence.”



In high school, students must begin “confronting whiteness in [their] classrooms,” with teachers asking white students to atone for their “white privilege” and to “use their voices” for the cause of left-wing “antiracism.” They must become activists.

Teachers within Buffalo Public Schools tell me (Mr. Rufo) the new antiracism program pushes “radical politics” into the classroom and has devolved into “scoldings, guilt-trips, and demands to demean oneself simply to make another feel ’empowered.’” Teachers are afraid to speak out.


Buffalo Public Schools are a disaster: by fifth grade, only 18 percent of students are proficient in math and 20 percent are proficient in English; one-third of all students fail to graduate from high school. The new “antiracism” program will do nothing to improve these outcomes.


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Bill Blake
Bill Blake
1 year ago

this is an excellent article… I wish more would read it and become aware of what is happening…

Charles Luck
Charles Luck
1 year ago

How much longer are we going to allow the Leftist liars to lie about White people. What if we are racists?
Is it their intent to beat the racism out of us? To legislate away the distastes that we have for one another? Does any one in their right mind believe that Black people aren’t racists? Leftists must go to hell, and quickly.

Enrico Falcone
1 year ago

This is how Forced integration works
When administered by liberal jerks

This is diversity,inclusion,tolerance and acceptance too
All very specifically designed to appease only the chosen few

Go North young man, womyn, other
Go North young man, womyn, other
1 year ago

Welcome to leave at any time. More than happy to pay reparations if you leave forever.

Michael Lofton
Michael Lofton
1 year ago

Is racial equity when as many whites are shot over a weekend as in Chicago, Rochester, Baltimore, & on, & on…..