Shocking Testimony Today Corroborating Biden’s Shady Dealings


The hearing with the IRS whistleblower exposed the extent of Joe Biden’s corruption, but the media is completely uninterested. It’s fairly certain that our enemies find the hearings very interesting. As of last night, the three major networks spent 527 minutes on the charges against Donald Trump and zero seconds on Biden’s Burisma bribery scandal.

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley began his statement this way:

“The Justice Department allowed the President’s political appointees to weigh in on whether to charge the president’s son after the United State’s attorney for D.C., Matthew Graves, appointed by President Biden, refused to bring charges in March 2022; I watched United States Attorney Weiss tell a roomful of senior FBI and IRS senior leaders on October 7th, 2022 that he was not the deciding person, on whether charges were filed.

“That was my red line.”

Gary Shapley testified before Congress today. He believes that Hunter Biden should have had charges brought against him, but the charges disappeared.

This is the full introduction.

Biden is compromised. He attended a meeting of the Chinese Communist Party’s energy company, CEFC.

Hunter can be heard on audio threatening an executive at Harvest Fund – a CEFC-linked investment vehicle – Henry Zhao, demanding money. Hunter said his father was in the room as he spoke with Zhao. He received $5 million from the executive days later.

Mr. Shapley was not allowed to see the laptop.

There was probable cause, but Mr. Shapley was not allowed to execute a search warrant.

Shapley confirmed that Joe Biden did discuss Hunter’s business dealings with him. Biden denies it.

Mr. Ziegler backed up the testimony:

Here’s a good summary:

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