Walgreens, San Fran Is Robbed 20X a Day- Food Behind Chains


Progressive San Francisco is getting worse by the day. Recent photos from KPIX reporter Betty Yu showed how Safeway stores have installed gates that customers can only pass after scanning their receipts.

The store has resorted to locking up the freezers at Walgreens in the city because employees said they were getting robbed of their pizza and ice cream nightly.

The Walgreens at 16th/Geary in San Francisco has chained up the freezer section. Workers said normally shoplifters clean out all the pizza and ice cream every night. They’re usually hit twenty times a day. The whole store is virtually locked up. Everything behind glass doors has chains and locks across every door.

All of this is very avoidable. It’s called law enforcement.

Loosey goosey drug laws and open-air drug dens lead to Third World conditions.

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