Shocking truth of teen black girl shot by a white cop in Columbus


Officer Tatum addressed the death of the 16-year-old black girl who was shot by a white police officer in Columbus, Ohio. The police were called to the scene of two people fighting. Multiple police showed up. The police have no context as they get to the scene, and they don’t know anything about one person armed with a knife.

Wait until you see what they do right in front of the police.

The dead girl is tall, doesn’t look like a 16-year-old, and the officer didn’t know she was that young, but, regardless, it’s horrible this took place.  Nothing would have changed if he did know. This girl pulled out a knife and tried to stab another girl in the neck. The officer has the obligation to protect others. He had to use deadly force to protect this girl in pink in the video below from death.

The now-deceased girl was ready to stab the girl in the neck in front of the police after some big man kicked another girl in the head! The police had to unfortunately use deadly force to save the girl’s life.

People are actually protesting the shooting by a white officer of a black girl who was about to stab another black girl in the neck.

The “same looney tunes” are protesting even after seeing the fight, the girl with the knife, but they still go out and protest for justice. They’re saying the police executed the girl and they “know what happened.”

They want the cop fired!

Officer Tatum says the people want the big payoff so they can go live where all the white people live.


The level of protests immediately after the shooting is stunning and it’s part of the plan for communists to take over this country. Money and resources are on the ready. No one is following the money.


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