Shootout Outside Rep. Zeldin’s Home in the Criminal Haven of New York


New York congressman and Republican candidate for governor Lee Zeldin said two strangers were shot outside his Long Island home on Sunday.

His family is safe.

The irony of a tough crime fighter having two people shoot it out in front of his home describes the state of Hochul’s New York better than any words could. He is running on getting crime under control in our out-of-control New York.

Zeldin said in a statement that he does not know the identities of the two people who were shot but that they were found under his porch and in the bushes in front of his home in Shirley, New York. His porch is now a crime scene.

The congressman and his wife were not at home at the time of the shooting, but their teenage daughters were in the home and heard gunshots and screaming, he said in the statement released by his office.

One Bullet Landed 30 Feet Away from His Daughters

Zeldin said his 16-year-old daughters locked themselves in a bathroom and called 911. Zeldin and his wife were returning from a parade in the Bronx when the shooting occurred.

He said police officers were at his home investigating Sunday evening and were looking over the home’s security cameras. He said the two people who were shot were taken to local hospitals. One was shot in the chest. Their situation was unrelated to the congressman or his campaign.

He said later in a post on Twitter that his daughters were at the kitchen table when the shooting occurred and that one of the bullets was found 30 feet away from them.

Hochul’s no-bail laws have made the state far more dangerous, and the city crime is moving East and North in New York. Even MS-13 get out without bail. Hochul’s a nut who won’t end no-bail laws, no matter how bad crime gets here in my home state.

In July, Rep. Zeldin was attacked on stage in upstate New York by an angry Democrat.

I have campaigned for Rep. Zeldin in the past. I couldn’t this year due to family obligations. He is one of the finest politicians I have ever met, and I’ve met many of them. He’s always honest and has a lovely family. He’s courageous, a very good man, and can turn New York around. If he doesn’t win the gubernatorial race, New York is done. Pray for us. We’re on our last leg. New York City is seemingly lost already.


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